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Peripheral arterial disease: Quiz

    Please choose the CORRECT answer to each question and send the completed form. You will receive a reply email with the correct answers and comments.

    1. Peripheral occlusive arterial disease (POAD): Is due to atherosclerosis which may cause narrowing of the arteries and reduction of blood flow to the legsMay be caused by occupations involving a lot of standingWarns patients in early stages giving them trouble walking

    2. Peripheral occlusive arterial disease: Is not related to smokingAffects around one in five elderly individuals (both men and women)Affects diabetics and non-diabetics equally

    3. Individuals with POAD are at increased risk (4 to 5 times) for suffering a heart attack or a stroke. TrueFalse

    4. It is recommended that all individuals with POAD: Have a diagnostic work-up with duplex scanning or angiographyUndergo open surgery or percutaneous balloon angioplasty for treatmentControl their atherosclerotic risk factors, exercise aerobicly and have a low-fat diet

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