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Insurance information

A common question patients ask before they come to us for treatment is “How much will it cost?”. They are often pleasantly surprised to hear that their treatment is covered by their insurance.

During your first visit to us, you will meet with the vascular surgeon for a consultation appointment. He will take your detailed medical history, examine you, and discuss the diagnosis and treatment options with you. This appointment is billed to your private insurance and the cost to you is typically the co-pay you pay when visiting a doctor’s office.

We will then review the insurance benefits for the cost of your treatment. Our staff is experienced in working directly with private insurance companies to ensure you are getting the treatment that is covered. In many cases, the cost difference which is not covered by your private insurance may be covered almost completely by the social security fund that insures you.

We will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits.

Last modified 03/03/2015