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Our philisophy

It is our confidence that each doctor has the fundamental responsibility to consistently offer the best possible care to his/her patients. This may be ensured only if the doctor fulfills two basic conditions:

    1. Having a high level of medical education and training, which the doctor must keep up to date through continuing professional development
    2. Always acting in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine and not on the basis of what is best for other reasons, for example financial


The initial consultation is crucial in the process of achieving a good treatment outcome. During the first visit, a careful medical history will be taken and a thorough physical examination performed, followed by discussion of the diagnosis and recommendation for treatment.

We inform our patients fully and comprehensively about their health condition, the likely prognosis, the goals of the proposed treatment with its anticipated benefits and potential risks, as well as any possible alternative treatments. Only so can patients have a global picture of the factors and consequences of their condition and make an appropriate decision. Occasionally, patients do come having various misconceptions about their vascular condition. It is our aim for patients to leave the consultation with a dramatically enhanced understanding of their situation.

A medical opinion is more convincing and gains professional status when given in writing. In all medically developed countries, it is a self-evident and inviolable rule for all specialists following a medical consultation to provide the patient’s family physician with a written report (‘medical letter’) concerning the patient’s current health problem, including the likely diagnosis, recommended treatment etc. Without this report no remuneration to the specialist is justified. We have been consistently practising sending such a medical letter to all our patients personally, as this is more relevant to the Greek reality. Also, we provide all our patients who are admitted into the hospital with a discharge letter and inform their family physician directly as required.


A word about safety. Patients undergoing a procedure are left in their surgeon’s hands. The surgeon has to practice proven therapeutic techniques which will serve the patient’s interest better than the recently advertised techniques in the press. We do perform the latest vascular and endovascular techniques, provided that these have successfully passed the test of time. Our top priority is the patient’s safety and quick recovery.

Our professional attitude and mild temper create an atmosphere of trust and encourage patients. We value staying in close contact with our patients after their procedure for careful follow-up, so that the best possible outcome in each case is achieved.